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Health & Safety COVID-19 Update

Hotel Polikandia meets all health protection measures for COVID-19, in order to offer you a safe accommodation.

Operation of 50-60% of the capacity in rooms so that there is a period of 24 hours and more from every departure to every arrival.

Rooms will be cleaned with certified new generation cleaners, with a steam cleaner and with the use of UVC lamps.
Continuous ventilation.

Meticulous cleaning of all areas of the hotel with certified new generation cleaners. Continuous ventilation.

Our guests will have a table, chairs and sunbeds, in the surrounding area of the Hotel and the pool area, where the number of their room will be written on and will be exclusively used by them throughout their stay.

Transfer to/from the port with our mini bus will be done according to the health protection protocol, by disinfecting it after every transfer.

In addition, our guests will find inside their room (for example: 2 people staying for 4 days):

  • Antiseptic gel and packages of antiseptic cleaning wipes
  • 4 pillowcases and 4 sheets
  • 8 face towels, 8 bath towels and 8 pool towels